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Thread sewing, arguably the highest quality and most durable form of binding, is often avoided due to potential long lead times for jobs.
In most cases, the binder will do the following:
1. Gather sections on their perfect binder
2. Hand feed collated sets into a single sewer
3. Hand feed sewn blocks into their perfect binder (if they only have one perfect binder it could take longer to schedule both the gathering and covering)

Although this may get the job done, it certainly isn’t the most efficient way, which is why we do things slightly differently:

1. Gather sections in-line on our thread sewer for faster production (we also have TWO sewers in-line to enable faster production)
2. Hand feed sewn blocks into our perfect binders (we have TWO perfect binders for fast production)
3. Job complete

UK Book Binders Thread Sewer









Some would argue that we have one of the best thread sewing facilities in the UK, but we’ll let you be the judge of that. Ask us to quote or for a turnaround time and we’ll be sure to impress.

Also, ask yourself the following:
• Have you already got thread sewing in-house but experience bottlenecks?
• Have you already got thread sewing in-house but have a large job that you would prefer not to complete yourselves?
• Do you require sewn book blocks for case binding purposes?
If the answer is yes to any of the above, then why not get in touch and see how we can help improve your service?

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